CUSTOMTOLLFREE.COM was a 7 figure asset sale involving significant cash flows, web properties, employees, and significant intellectual property. The close took only 6 months and was paid 100%. The asset has since been grown again and resold for more and is still in existence.

The All 8’s Project (and others)

A seven figure exit of significant intellectual property as part of a brokerage deal. We also were able help connect buyer and seller on over the years 100’s of million of dollars in assets. We have closed about 15 deals in the 100’s of thousands of dollar range as well. The deals between 100 and 10k are too numerous to count.

Good Credit

This was a mid six figures exit of a debt and credit repair business processing 20,000+ calls a month and providing services for 1000’s of clients over its lifespan. This business still operates and has increased and grown in revenue providing a nice cash flow for its new ownership.

1st and small exit a series cash flows in the telecommunications industry. Approximately 100k.

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